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Magnolia Ceramics

Artisanal ceramic laboratory in Bologna

Magnolia Ceramics

Artisanal ceramic laboratory in Bologna, Italy.

Magnolia Ceramic products

Magnolia Ceramics is a small ceramic laboratory in Via Romagnoli 2/A – Via Murri 154/F in Bologna, which aims to restore value to craftsmanship in a world where industrialization and seriality reign supreme. I want to bring a bit of uniqueness and slowness back into mine and your homes.

Come and visit me in the laboratory or look in the shop: you will find all the objects from Magnolia Ceramics production, always updated. They are functional objects with a daily utility: from tableware to vases, each object is made entirely by hand with extreme care and so one of a kind.

Ok, how can I buy them?

What you see in the shop belongs to the “standard” production of Magnolia Ceramics. The prices of everything else vary based on the size you choose, the glaze, the customization, and also based on the quantity of items you decide to purchase.

There are many ways to learn more and purchase.

Buying directly from the shop the available products

Coming to visit me, you can find the opening times here

Writing me from the form on the contact page

Visiting my pages on Instagram and Facebook

Ceramic courses: electric wheel manual techniques workshops

Magnolia Ceramics also organizes ceramic courses in its laboratory in Bologna. All the courses are designed for beginners but adaptable to any level. Like objects, they can be purchased directly from the site or by requesting information via email, on social media, or by contact from the site.

If you want to buy one as a gift, write to me, and at the time of purchase I will send you a coupon that you can print and gift to whoever you want. The course must be attended within one year from the purchase.


Ceramic workshop all together

3-hour workshop organized once a month during the weekend to create an object of your…

Ceramic course 360°

Course of 7 meetings of 2 hours each to learn about the world of ceramics…

Ceramic course – Create your gift

3-hour individual or couple experience to create an object of your choice together.

Ceramic course – Manual techniques

Individual or paired manual techniques course: dove, hollow ball and slab

Ceramic course – Electric wheel

Individual or couple lathe course: cylinder, bowl, closed shape, plates and finishing on the lathe.
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