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Ceramic course - Electric wheel

Lessons lasting two hours each - Individual or as a couple

For all those who

Want to live an experience different than usual, with their hands in the clay.
Want to make ceramics their passion/job.
Want to perfect the technique.

How it is structured

The course is organized into lessons lasting two hours each: the minimum duration is one lesson, but the number of lessons can be variable. What is done? We start with the cylinder and then move on to the bowl, the vase and, if desired, the plate.

When it takes place

The courses take place throughout the year and lessons can be scheduled at these times:
• Monday and Wednesday: 10-13  |  15-21
• Thursday and Tuesday: 10-13  |  15-18
• Friday: 10-13  |  18-21

How much it costs

The costs of the packages (individual – couple) are these:

1 lesson: 65€ – 110€
2 lessons: 115€ – 210€
3 lessons: 160€ – 300€
4 lessons: 200€ – 380€
5 lessons: 235€ – 450€

It is possible to purchase a package of fewer meetings and add others later, the final price will remain the same.
Any cooking is excluded from the price and it costs €10 for the first piece and €5 for the other ones, to be paid at the end of the course. Students are informed that the firing times of the pieces change depending on the production needs of the Magnolia Ceramics laboratory and that in any case the pieces are not delivered before one month after the creation of the object. You will be promptly notified when your items are ready for collection.

If you want to buy it as a gift, write to me at, I will send you the gift coupon to print!

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